Colorado probate can be an involved process that lasts at least six months. While various factors can impact the costs and duration of probate in Colorado, all probate cases will at least be associated with the court costs, including the fees for opening up the case.

The following table presents an overview of the court costs associated with different actions for Colorado probate cases.

Probate Action Court Fee*
Opening probate for a small estate

(valued at ≤$50,000)

Opening informal probate for larger estates $164
Opening formal probate for larger estates $164
Filing a petition for a trust action $164
Registering a trust statement $163
Filling a petition to contest a probate claim $163
Depositing a will with the court $15

*These fees are current as of Jan. 2015.

Colorado Probate Costs: More Important Information

  • Colorado Probate Court Filing Fees

    Colorado Probate Court Filing Fees

    Fee waivers – It may be possible to have the court fees for Colorado probate waived in some cases, so long as people qualify (based on having limited income/resources). In general, to prove eligibility for court fee waivers, people have to provide copies of at least 3 months of bank statements, as well as at least three months of paystubs.

  • Other probate costs – Court fees are just one facet of the costs associated with probate in Colorado. Other costs that can arise in probate may include (but are by no means limited to) creditors’ claims, appraisal fees (for the assets of the estate), and legal fees.
  • Reducing Colorado probate costs – One of the best ways to help your loved ones reduce the costs (and stresses) associated with Colorado probate is to consult an estate attorney now. An experienced lawyer can help you put the right tools and plans in place to reduce or avoid probate costs in the future, preserving more of your estate for your loved ones.

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