Effectively using certain criminal defense strategies may help secure dismissals or even acquittals. Here’s an overview of some effective criminal defense strategies.

Effectively using certain criminal defense strategies may help secure dismissals or even acquittals. Here’s an overview of some effective criminal defense strategies.

Facing criminal charges can turn your world upside down. While the stress you face in these situations can seem overwhelming, however, it’s important to remember that:

  • You are innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law.
  • You may have various viable defense options in your case.
  • Retaining an experienced defense attorney can help you craft the strongest possible defense case.

To illuminate just how you may be able to fight back against criminal charges, in this three-part blog series, we will reveal some of the more powerful and commonly used criminal defense strategies that may work for you.

Although we’ve facilitated this discussion by generalizing it, you can readily obtain some specific info about your best defense options by contacting the skilled and experienced Pueblo criminal defense lawyers at Gradisar, Trechter, Ripperger & Roth today.

A Look at Some Effective Criminal Defense Strategies

1 – Reviewing the details of the arrest/investigation

One way to start breaking down police and prosecutors’ cases against someone who has been charged with a crime is to closely review the procedures used during the arrest and investigation of the alleged offense. In particular, with this criminal defense strategy, the idea is to evaluate whether or not law enforcement officials and/or prosecutors may have violated the defendant’s rights, rules regarding the collection and storage of evidence and/or other laws.

For instance, when police officers fail to mirandize people prior to or during the arrest, the “evidence” collected after this point (including alleged confessions) could ultimately be inadmissible in court.

Similarly, if law enforcement officials fail to get a warrant before conducting searches or end up collecting evidence outside of the areas covered by a warrant, these actions likely also violated the defendant’s rights and, in doing so, may put police and prosecutor’s evidence (or entire cases) into serious question.

2 – Retaining expert witnesses

Depending on the specific nature of the evidence against someone, expert witnesses may be able to provide important testimony refuting prosecutors’ evidence while strengthening the defense case.

In fact, when evidence like fingerprints, gunshot residue and even blood spattering may be pivotal in a criminal case, expert witnesses can provide essential testimony, possibly pointing out things like:

  • Reasonable doubt regarding the identity of the perpetrator
  • Misconceptions or assumptions in prosecutors’ cases
  • False or questionable statements made by prosecutors’ expert witnesses.

To learn about some more effective criminal defense strategies, don’t miss the second and third parts of this blog series. They’ll be posted soon.

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